Please let us know as soon as possible if any issues arise that affect your stay with us. For example, if the wifi is not working or any of the essential supplies, such as tea or coffee, are missing.

ID Verification

For insurance and security reasons we ask all guests to provide full contact details of their home address, phone and email upon confirmation of booking. If there is any doubt we may ask you to provide ID when you check in.


We request that our guests are mindful of the hosts and the residents of neighbouring properties and do not engage in anti-social behaviour such as excessive noise late at night. Our neighbours – although far away – will be grateful if you don’t disrupt their peaceful night’s sleep.


As a rule we ask guests not to invite any extra visitors to the property during their stay. If you do wish to invite guests please obtain agreement from your hosts first.


Our accommodation is not designed for holding parties or other events.


We have free parking for guests to bring their own vehicles. There is one car park signposted as a designated place for guests to park. Please do not park on grassed areas.


Guests choose a vacation at River Road Retreat for a special “home away from home” experience. That means, on the whole, keeping our Retreat in the manner you would expect to find it. A level of cleaning up during and after your visit is anticipated, including stacking the dishwasher, and sorting your trash in the designated areas. We recycle garbage and compost bio-degradable waste. There is provision for our guests to contribute to this.

Help us contribute to improving the environment. Save energy and turn off the underfloor heating if the Retreat is warm and you have the windows and doors open. Please turn off lights and appliances when you go out.


A reminder to treat our place like you would your own home. Your belongings are only safe and secure if you remember to close and lock all windows and doors when you leave the Retreat.


Take care to store away chairs and personal belongings from the uncovered areas of the deck. If it rains during the night your personal belongings may get wet.


Smoking is strictly prohibited inside and out.


No pets allowed.


Spending the summer at a vacation rental is all about the great outdoors: relaxing, cooking and eating outside whenever you can. We have a gas barbecue for those evening cookouts. Please be sure to read the instructions in the guest book including the rules on how to use (and clean!) it properly.

In certain weather mosquitoes can be a nuisance. There are mosquito coils under the kitchen bench. These are ideal for outside on the deck etc, during the evening. Or place them by the doors to deter the mosquitoes from going inside the Retreat.


Please report broken glasses etc. in a timely manner. Your hosts reserve the right to claim for damages beyond what would be considered reasonable due to wear, tear and use.

Please do not move the large pieces of furniture including beds, couches and dining room table from one room to another. Please take care to lift and not to drag the chairs, as dragging will damage the surface of the polished concrete floor.

Please take care to use place mats, boards and coasters for hot and very cold food items and glasses and plates etc., so as to prevent permanent damage to surfaces.

Please note that if we submit a damage claim within 14 days of checkout, guests will be responsible for damages up $3,000. For this reason it is better for both parties to keep each other informed of any damage to the property during your stay.


Check out is before 10.30 am as we have cleaners scheduled. Please leave the Retreat as you found it. You are not expected to clean the bathroom or strip beds, but please stack or rinse dishes and sort your rubbish in the designated areas; and leave the Retreat in a reasonably tidy condition. Please leave the key on the dining room table or in the lock box provided.

If you accidentally take the key with you please ring us (+64 21 393970) and then return the key by post to 118 River Road RD 1 Appleby Richmond 7081 New Zealand. If the key is missing and not returned we may have to charge you for this.


We have provided emergency contact details of the local ambulance, fire department and police stations in the House Book. You also have Rebecca’s number +64 21393970 and Peter’s number +64 27 4141575.


These Guest Guidelines or house rules summarise the conditions of your stay in our Retreat. In the case of a dispute or breach, every endeavour will be made to resolve issues amicably and without recourse to a third party. However, in the unfortunate event that we are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution within 30 days of the matter arising, then the matter will be referred to an independent Arbitrator to make a final and binding decision on both parties. Acceptance of the clause, and compliance with these Guest Guidelines automatically apply to all Guests who stay at River Road Retreat

Rebecca Hamid and Peter Burton
9 August 2022