Tartufo Nero – Truffle Slices

Nothing is as good as fresh truffle, but our truffle slices are the next best thing. We wash and slice the truffles as soon as they have been harvested, then they go through a special drying and freezing process to seal in the flavours and aroma. We recommend you store them in an air-tight sealed bag, or container and add them to your favourite hot dishes, just prior to serving. They look, smell and taste fantastic!

River Road Truffle Slices are available in 5gm and 10gm bags

River Road Truffles

NZD Pricing (including GST):

5gm bag (equivalent to 30- 35gms of fresh truffle) – $45

10gm bag (equivalent to 60- 70gms of fresh truffle) – $85

Postage is approximately $10
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Fresh Truffle

River Road Truffles sell the following grades of fresh Périgord Black truffles. Orders can be couriered overnight to arrive fresh and ready to use.

A newly harvested truffle
A newly harvested truffle
Truffles In Bowl
Truffles In Bowl

A grade – Premium and Iconic Truffles: These are top quality truffle. The aroma is pungent with the characteristic colour and taste of the species.

B Grade – Small or Pieces of Truffles: These are the same as A grade with regards to flavour, aroma and colour but maybe smaller, between 15 and 30 grams. Or they can be whole, large pieces or large off-cuts and trimmed lobes.

C Grade – Slices and Bits and very small Truffle. Still containing a pungent truffle aroma but can be slightly less in intensity compared to A and B grade.

Note: Prices will vary according to the season and availability.