Truffle Products

Fresh Truffles

River Road Truffles sells A grade fresh Black truffles ( Tartufo Nero/ Périgord). Orders can be couriered overnight to arrive fresh and ready to use.

A grade – Premium Truffles: These are top quality truffles. The aroma is pungent with the characteristic colour and taste of the species.

A Grade pieces –Pieces of Truffles: These are also A grade with regards to flavour, aroma and colour but maybe smaller, trimmed or cut pieces of a larger truffle.

Note: Prices will vary according to the season and availability.

Truffle Butter

Delicious! Just add it in slices to the top of a steak. Or spread it on toast.

Our 80gm logs of Truffe Butter include freshly grated truffles – lots of it!

Truffle Salt 

River Road Freeze Dried Truffles with Marlborough Sea Salt Flakes. We only use real truffles and no synthetic aromas or other ingredients.

We use our own Limited Harvest fresh truffles for our truffle salt.

Tartufo Nero – Truffle Slices

Nothing is as good as fresh truffle, but our truffle slices are the next best thing. We wash and slice the truffles as soon as they have been harvested, then they go through a special freeze-drying process to seal in the flavours and aroma. We recommend you eat them in one sitting. Just add them prior to serving. They look great and the aroma and flavours are unique and moreish!