Our Truffles

We harvest our truffles between early June and late August. Meg, our clever cocker spaniel marks the spot where the truffles lay hidden so we can find them. Before we harvest them we check for aroma, ripeness and colour. They should be compelling and sweet, firm and black. If the truffles need longer to ripen we cover them and leave them for longer. A few more frosty mornings and they will be ready. Truffles come in all sizes. We have harvested a truffle that weighed 496 gms. Mostly they weigh from 7 - 100 gms.

Tartufo Nero otherwise known as Périgord or Black truffles are simply exquisite. Their subtle aroma is very sensual – characterised by earthy flavours, with overtones of sweet forest-floor notes. Their scent lifts flavours when added to other ingredients, leaving a lingering moreish aftertaste. Like all truffles,  black truffles have an affinity with pasta or eggs. We savour the first Black truffle of the winter in a traditional Périgord Omelette aux Truffles – truffle omelette.