Our Story

Te Huarahi O Te Awa –meaning road of the river - in Maori speaks of the enigmatic subterranean streams that weave their way deep underground below River Road Truffiere. The sacred soils, sun, wind and water – a life source for the truffiere, make possible the complex flavours and aromas of River Road Truffles

River Road was founded by Rebecca Hamid and Peter Burton in 2005. Living on 30 acres outside Nelson, in Appleby, they have developed a truffiere on the soils of fine Maori Gravels and the rich silt loam of the Waimea plains. 

Considered one of the finest of edible fungi, Tartufo Nero - Périgord truffles- black truffles - are for connoisseurs who love gourmet food and who delight in the allure and mystique of truffles. The roots of more than 1300 Oak and Hazelnut trees provided a fruitful host for a bounty of truffles - delicious black truffles with a unique River Road terroir.

Ravioli in Consume with shaved Truffle 
Camembert warmed with Walnuts and Truffle Slices
River Road Fresh Truffle Butter

Pete and Rebecca have developed their business with the emphasis on quality and unique produce, selling only the very best of fresh truffles in-season. More recently they have developed special edition truffle products for the local and national markets. This includes River Road Truffle Butter, hand cut Freeze dried Truffle slices and Truffle Sea Salt Flakes.

River Road Truffles are harvested in the winter months. The season runs from early winter (late May – June) until late winter August, depending on the weather conditions for that year. Limited supply of fresh Truffle Butter may be available frozen  - out of season. Freeze Dried Truffle Slices and Truffle Sea Salt Flakes are available throughout the year while in stock.